Lip Conditioner
Lip Conditioner

Peggy Sue

Lip Conditioner

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Peggy Sue's nourishing Lip Conditioner is a beautiful blend of natural, vitamin rich ingredients, that work to deeply hydrate and restore lips, while protecting them against the outside elements. Use as often as desired, and alongside the Lip Exfoliant, to keep your lips healthy, plump and hydrated. This organic Lip Conditioner contains no nasties, and comes in a beautiful branded bamboo twist tube. 


Beeswax- Creates a shield which can help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun
Coconut Oil- Vitamin rich oil, working to  Hydrate + Nourish.
Shea Butter- deeply hydrates, reduces inflammation, restores dry skin.

Size: e 5.5ml


Ingredients: beeswax*, shea butter*, fractionated coconut oil*, olive oil*, jojoba oil, vanilla co2