Collection: Cazinc The Label

Cazinc the Label is a Melbourne based fashion brand that caters to sophisticated, stylish and modern women looking for a luxurious, timeless and elegant wardrobe. Their meticulously curated collection offers women affordable and ethically produced luxury garments that embrace inclusivity and individuality regardless of age and body type.

At the heart of Cazinc The Label stands stylist Carolyn (Caz) Rowland, the creative force at the essence of their beautifully constructed collection. Dedicated to celebrating body confidence and female empowerment, Caz founded Cazinc The Label in 2018, committed to creating a space for contemporary women with changing body shapes to feel stylish and classy. Caz's unwavering passion and innovation is interlaced into the very fabric of our brand, which has reached women across the globe over the course of five years with its timeless allure.